longing and losing

Fandom: Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Pairing: Suzume x Shishio
POV: Suzume’s 
Word count: 2,463
Summary(a continuation of chapter 65 that probably doesn’t make any sense anymore after chapter 66 is released)


I started writing this two days after chapter 65 was released. I wasn’t happy with this chapter, so I wrote a continuation.

I didn’t want to write down their names, so until 4/5 of the fic Suzume is ‘she’ and Shishio is ‘he’. Mamura doesn’t exist, because I hate how I don’t like him. 

I listened to the song Gravity by Sara Bareilles 80% of the time while writing this fic, so now I’ll never listen to that song again. 

This fic starts with the exact same sentence as my first fic. I wrote that fic almost a year ago. It’s a fic about chapter 45, written before chapter 45 was released. This is a fic about chapter 66, written before chapter 66 is released. 

I made a AO3-account, because I don’t plan on writing any more HnR-fics.

This fic is basically angst, angst and more angst. 

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환생의 밤 (Night of Rebirth) by Nell
flirtatioushairflipping-taq asked: awww neeeee ik ben nu echt verdrietig nu :( ik ga je missennnn ik hoop dat alles verder goed gaat en veel succes!!

ik ga jou ook missen, nathasia!! alles zal beter gaan; daar ben ik zeker van. c: dankjewel!

kalimatan said: no why would you leave? jij bent zo grappig en schattig altijd met je random posts over anime enz.

(ik ga politica worden en dan willekeurige toespraken houden over anime) (ssst, dit is ons geheimpje, ja?) (dit mag niemand weten)

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